• Autonomous Threat Hunting System

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  • Introducing Magnet

    Hunting down cyber-attacks that traditional security technologies don’t

    Niddel Magnet offers an automated, end-to-end, threat hunting solution for enterprises. It performs much of the identification, investigation, analyses and decision-making of security professionals, but with computer-driven precision, speed and scale.

  • "Niddel Magnet instantly found outbreaks no other technology we use was able to detect. It gave me full visibility on suspected infected machines on my network with zero hassle. It had the most impactful out of the box results we have seen in a very long time."

    Security Officer at Large Healthcare Organization

    "Niddel Magnet represents a high-speed, low-drag addition to any analyst or incident responder's toolbox. Magnet provides substantial support to the process of triaging potential incidents and ensures that suspicious events "bubble up" to the top of the haystack while adding significant context to those events, allowing staff to use their time more effectively to respond to the incidents that matter. Considering the ease of implementation, Niddel Magnet is an easy win!"

    John Swanson - Information Security Architect at Public University

    "For the first time we are getting value from our firewall logs integrated into our SIEM other than on very targeted investigations."

    Security Team Leader at Fortune 50 Enterprise

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