• Product Overview

    Niddel Magnet is the most innovative threat hunting system in the industry. An automated end-to-end solution on threat hunting from collection to operational use. Magnet performs the work of security analysts at unprecedented speed, economy and objectivity, and scale. It investigates the relationship between indicators of compromise (IOCs), their inferred Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and log or event data generated by their organization. Transforming millions of raw data indicators into tens of high confidence alerts, so analysts can focus on investigating qualified leads.

  • Solves An Urgent And Critical Problem

    In today’s world, it has to be assumed external attackers are already present inside most organization's networks. Attacks ranging from commodity malware and ransomware to persistent and targeted threat actors. It is imperative that threats are detected as quickly as possible to minimize the chance valuable business assets are compromised. Niddel Magnet was designed to provide an accurate and comprehensive security monitoring solution to this most critical problem: identifying potentially infected or compromised machines in your organization's network.

    Alleviates Security Talent Shortage

    Magnet uses patented supervised machine learning technology to mimic the decisions made by an extremely talented analyst. It performs the hunting process autonomously, at scale. When a human analyst comes into play, they will be focused on a precise high-confidence and qualified investigation leads. Allowing organizations to stop wasting analyst’s time on the costly, mind-numbingly repetitive task of eliminating irrelevant alerts and false positives. Also, by providing full contextual information with each lead, analysts can streamline their investigation efforts.

    No Hidden Costs

    Niddel Magnet has its own set of threat and enrichment data included in the subscription plan, with no extra cost associated. Magnet powers its analysis be leveraging over 50 high quality data sets from our own internal sourcing, open source intelligence and third party commercial agreements.


    Moreover, Magnet does not require users to develop code, rules, searches or any kind of content. It is immediately able to deliver accurate results after a short period of self-tuning, which means no need for costly professional services or implementation engagements, just plug and play.

    All SaaS and No Fuss

    Niddel Magnet is a scalable, multi-tenant SaaS solution that works without the complexity of endpoint agents or on-premises appliances. All that is needed is to establish automated collection of a subset of existing log data, which can be obtained directly from the devices or from SIEM or log management technologies.


    A combination of de-scoping, minimization and anonymization is automatically used to ensure that no sensitive information ever leaves the organization's perimeter. This includes any form of personally identifiable information, or information protected by European privacy regulations, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLB and others.

    Unparalleled Accuracy And Catch Rate

    Mimicking the decisions of an extremely talented analyst at scale, and with unprecedented amounts of data to explore, Niddel Magnet achieves unparalleled accuracy. It eliminates up to 96% of false positives, compared to traditional indicator-based threat hunting techniques. On average 40% of alerts represent novel threats identified by our patented supervised machine learning models’ extrapolation of existing threat knowledge. Allowing Magnet to detect previously unknown threats that would have gone undetected by organizations' existing teams and security technologies. Beyond this stellar out-of-the-box performance, the system also uses analyst feedback as a source of knowledge, so accuracy continually increases over time as it learns from your analysts' unique knowledge of your environment and threat profile.

    Leverage Existing Investments

    Leverage your existing investments by integrating Niddel Magnet into your existing tools and providers. Niddel Magnet integrates with leading SIEM, log management systems, incident response workflow managers, threat intelligence providers, platforms and sharing communities. Additionally, our REST API allows for tailored and deep integrations into any environment and workflow, including proprietary and legacy technologies.

  • How it Works

    Niddel Magnet
    is available as a free trial to qualified organizations.

    Please contact us and see for yourself the value our autonomous threat hunting solution can bring to your security team.

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